HotShot Sports Analytics

Our Approach

What We Do Differently

The value of sports analytics is the predictive capabilities provided. It is estimated that the sports analytics market will reach $5 billion by 2021. The best sports teams and athletes are the ones using the power of real-time information to their advantage. While a data-driven approach does not guarantee a victory or business success, it does increase an athletes or a teams chances of winning. According to McKinsey, data-driven athletes and teams are 23 times more likely to win new customers or sponsors and 6 times more likely to retain the ones they have. Building a legendary athlete or team does not happen overnight, it takes smart people, good technology, lots of data to mine, and also a little bit of luck.

Sports analytics market driving forces relate to the ability to improve winning percentages and decrease the cost of paying athletes’. By implementing algorithms that describe how to establish a winning team at the best possible cost factor, sports analytics provides a winning edge to team management. Analytics is further used to improve fan appeal. So sports analytics is used to create fantasy leagues, giving fantasy players access to statistics that enhances their interest in playing the fantasy game and following the sports.

We bring in-depth machine learning and artificial intelligence skills acquired, enhanced, and successfully applied since the lat 1980's to sports analytics while also understanding the intangibles of sports as we all played the game for many years. 

Athlete & Team Analytics
Sports data analytics can be used to improve scouting, to identify a player's unusual talent, or to evaluate a player's competitive capabilities. Based on the mined data, teams gain a competitive advantage, as the teams better understand and hence can utilize the players they have on the roster.
With our in-depth knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as our actual experience as former and current athletes, we are in a unique position to aid athletes and teams in collecting and evaluating data to establish training, recovery, and game-day plans. Based on our advanced long-term experience with real time predictive analytics, we can successfully establish these training, recovery, completion and travel plans that increase an athletes or teams probability for success. 

Sports Business Analytics

From a business perspective, we mine data to work with sports organizations to optimize ticket pricing and sales, customer relationships and fan management. We further work with the teams on mining data related to social media, fantasy leagues, and digital marketing to target the right audience at the right time while forecasting any potential business opportunities.  It is a fact that half the companies in the US have no way to actually measure sponsorship ROI and hence we also mine data focusing on any potential corporate partnership evaluations and acquisitions.

To summarize, based on our vast experience with ML and AI, we mine data focusing on the 4 phases of analytics and so provide answers for teams and athletes alike:
1)   Descriptive  – What Happened?
2)   Diagnostic – Why Did It Happen?
3)   Predictive – What Will Happen Next?
4)   Prescriptive – What Should We Do?